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Carpet Cleaning 360

Carpet Cleaning 360 provides professional cleaning services to residents and businesses in the community of Ottawa, ON and its surrounding areas!


Is your upholstered furniture in need of a thorough cleaning? Whether you have kids, frequent visitors or pets, upholstered furniture periodically needs professional cleaning, and Carpet Cleaning 360 is your reliable team.

Upholstered furniture can be gorgeous. Whether you just bought a set of beautiful, tufted dining room chairs or you had an antique sofa meticulously reupholstered, there is no disputing that upholstered furniture has a certain warmth and inviting-ness to it. The downside, of course, is that upholstered furniture can be difficult to keep clean, despite your best efforts.

The fabric is porous and absorbent, and some spills are nearly impossible to clean out. Dirt and other particles can also become so deeply embedded that attempting to clean the fabric would cause damage to it. Of course, there is the option of getting your furniture reupholstered, but that can be quite expensive.

Don’t worry – there is a solution and it is not resorting to reupholstering or replacing your furniture altogether. Simply call the professionals at Carpet Cleaning 360 of Ottawa; we have the requisite knowledge, tools, cleaners, and experience to thoroughly clean even the most delicate fabrics of the most difficult stains and discolourations.

Interested in learning more about the quality of our work? Read some of our glowing customer testimonials.

Signs Your Upholstery Needs a Professional Cleaning

Sometimes, you get so used to seeing something in your home every single day that you don’t notice it’s falling into less than ideal condition. However, perhaps it’s time to look at your upholstery with a more discerning eye to determine if it needs professional cleaning, by checking for these telltale signs:

  • The overall appearance of the upholstery, including the presence of stains and dirt. It’s easy to not notice that something has spilled on your furniture until it’s too late. Attempting to scrub the stain away can have the opposite of your desired effect – spreading the stain and further setting it into the fabric.
  • An abundance of pet hair. Of course, most vacuums have special pet hair removal attachments for this very purpose; cleaning your furniture of pet hair and dander. These vacuums, along with other devices and even lint rollers, can be helpful for maintenance. These methods, unfortunately, are not as effective as having your upholstery professionally cleaned. They leave a good amount of hair behind, particularly in hard-to-reach places, causing pet hair and dander to continue to accumulate. For allergy sufferers, a home free of pet-hair is much more livable.
  • A stale odour. After years of use, frequent guests, the presence of smokers, pets making themselves at home, and so forth, your upholstery may have developed a stale odour. Not to worry. A thorough, deep cleaning will freshen the fabric without causing any damage to the furniture underneath.

If any of the above applies to your upholstery, then it’s time to consider contacting the professionals at Carpet Cleaning 360. We are experts at cleaning even the most delicate, antique upholstery, and no stain is too challenging. We offer flexible pricing and will find a way to make your upholstery look gorgeous again.

The Advantages of Expert Upholstery Cleaning

Our professional upholstery cleaners have a wide variety of tools, kits, chemicals, knowledge and expertise to clean virtually all types of upholstery. This includes office furniture, boat upholstery, restaurant booths, vehicle upholstery, drapes, couches, dining room chairs, headboards and beds, ottomans, and much more.

Additionally, we have the tools to completely dry out your upholstery if it has sustained any water damage, or simply needs to be thoroughly dried after a deep cleaning. It’s easy to accidentally saturate your upholstered furniture while attempting to clean it yourself, ultimately causing serious damage that requires the intervention of professionals, or the total replacement of the furniture.

When you hire an expert contractor such as Carpet Cleaning 360, you have the guarantee of quality workmanship. We stand behind our work and will ensure that your expectations have not just been met, but exceeded.

Spruce Up Your Upholstery with Carpet Cleaning 360

The professionals from Carpet Cleaning 360 are ready to help you get your upholstery looking better than ever before. No matter how deeply set the stain, how delicate the fabric, or how difficult the task at hand seems, we will find a solution and completely rejuvenate your upholstery, all at a reasonable price.

Carpet Cleaning 360 is the Greater Ottawa Area’s carpet cleaning and floor care experts. In business since 2001, we are the most trusted experts in the area, offering top-rated solutions that ensure long-lasting comfort.

If you’re searching for an upholstery cleaning service in the Ottawa area, give us a call today at (613) 897-4360, and we’ll make your upholstery beautiful again.

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