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Ottawa Carpet, Upholstery and Tile Cleaning Services

Let’s face it, the carpeting and area rugs in your home could use some serious attention from a professional service? The team from Carpet Cleaning 360 is ready to clean, revitalize and restore your carpeting’s beauty.



Carpeting can make a home look and feel beautiful. From making your home more aesthetically pleasing to feeling plush and soft under your feet, carpeting can be fantastic. However, it requires maintenance and upkeep in order to stay in the kind of condition you expect, and this includes periodically having your carpet professionally cleaned. If you live in the Ottawa area, contact a trusted, reliable, professional and meticulous team such as Carpet Cleaning 360, one of the most accomplished carpet cleaning service contractors in the area.

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The Professional Care of Area Rugs

The professionals from Carpet Cleaning 360 are here to help you deep clean your area rugs thoroughly, meticulously, efficiently, and at a fair price. The rugs will be the beautiful accents they once were, highlighting your home’s decor and your personal style. Some of the common problems we deal with include:

  • Pet dander and excess hair
  • Food and drink stains
  • Discoloration
  • Bleach marks
  • Old appearance
  • Dim colour
  • And more!

As a general rule of thumb, if your are rug no longer looks as beautiful as it once did, we can help. We offer quality solutions, deep cleanings, and expert care, keeping your home looking its best.



What Are Carpet Dyeing and Bleach Stain Removal?

Carpet dyeing is a process of either adding colour or taking it away to remove inconsistencies in the carpeting, in order to give it an even, unblemished appearance. The process of carpet dyeing can be quite complex and arduous; involving mixing pigments and shades to match up tiny variants in colours. This is a common situation after a stain or mishap has left your carpet essentially damaged.

While most homeowners do their best to clean their carpets, even the best intentions can leave your home looking worse for ware. Bleach is often the main culprit for discoloration as it only makes the damage worse. We offer quality carpet bleach repair services to all our customer in the Ottawa area.

Don’t Delay!

The experts from Carpet Cleaning 360 are here to help you deep clean your home’s carpeting and area rugs thoroughly, efficiently, carefully and all at a reasonable price, as well as performing any necessary carpet dyeing and bleach stain removal. The carpeting will be as gorgeous as it was the day it was first installed.

Look no further for a professional carpet or area rug cleaning service in the Ottawa area. Carpet Cleaning 360 does it all, from deep cleaning to colour correction and bleach stain removal. Contact a friendly member of our team at (613) 897-4360 and we will schedule a consultation.


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