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Carpet Cleaning 360

Carpet Cleaning 360 provides professional carpet cleaning services to residents and businesses in the community of Ottawa, ON and its surrounding areas!


Keep your home looking fresh, clean and inviting with spotless tile and grout cleaning as well as wood floor care in Nepean by contacting the team at Carpet Cleaning 360.

Carpet Cleaning Nepean

#1 Carpet Cleaning Nepean

Keeping your home clean and organized is already tough enough, so why add to the mix by worrying about damaging your carpet or flooring with harmful chemicals. For many homeowners, that is the reality when it comes to carpet cleaning. Whether it’s a stain here and there or years of walking on it, at some point, the need for professional intervention is key.

At Carpet Cleaning 360, we are your trustworthy, reputable, Nepean carpet, tile, and flooring experts. Whether you’re looking for assistance cleaning the tile and grout in your master bathroom or need help restoring your old carpet, we’re here to help.

We’d like to allow the quality of our service to speak for itself – check out some of our enthusiastic customer testimonials.

Can I Clean My Tile and Grout Myself?

The question of whether you can successfully clean your grout and tile yourself depends on several factors. If your grout has been properly maintained and sealed, it’s possible you can get the job done yourself, if you’re willing to invest the time and physical labour. However, there are a few telltale signs that indicate it’s time to call in a reputable contractor, such as Carpet Cleaning 360, to have a professional deep cleaning done:

  • Discoloured grout
  • Stains, grime, and mould
  • Grout that’s been chipped away
  • Overly porous grout

If any of the above apply to your tile and grout, the situation calls for a professional cleaning to restore the quality of your flooring, prevent further damage and mitigate the presence of any harmful mould, mildew or microbes. Our team at Carpet Cleaning 360 are trained experts who can tackle even the harshest discolouration, the most aggressive microbes and the most difficult to reach surface areas.

The Benefits of Professional Wood Floor Cleaning

Even with your best cleaning, sweeping, and mopping, at some point, you’re flooring is going to need more than your standard care. This is especially true for wood floors, that can deteriorate or damage beyond repair if not cared for properly. When it comes to wood flooring, we offer detailed services to get them looking their best. This includes the polish, minor repairs, and thorough cleanings, all using wood-safe materials that won’t cause any damage. We back all our work with our 100% customers satisfaction guarantee, so you can rest easy that you’re getting the best wood floor cleaning in Nepean.

Remember, to prevent your wood floors from becoming damaged, keep them swept, be careful with the kind of cleaner you use for regular upkeep, use furniture pads to avoid scuffing, do not wear high heels on it, and immediately clean up any spills, including water.

Call Us Today!

At Carpet Cleaning 360, we are your reliable flooring experts in the Nepean area. We offer a wide range of solutions to care for your toughest issues. Whether it’s stained carpets, old area rugs, or a wood floor that just doesn’t look its best any longer, you can count on our staff to keep your home looking its best.

If you’re searching for carpet cleaning professionals in Nepean, give Carpet Cleaning 360 a call today at (613) 897-4360. We offer top-quality solutions backed by over 20 years of experience.


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