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Carpet Cleaning 360 provides professional cleaning services to residents and businesses in the community of Ottawa, ON and its surrounding areas!

How To Prepare For Winter Flood Risks

How To Prepare For Winter Flood Risks
Carpet Cleaning Care From Ottawa Experts

In Canada, the winters are no joking matter. Waking up in the morning to a frigid house is just one of the downfalls (or perks!) of living in the great white north. But stepping onto chilling tile or wood flooring is something that can easily be rectified by having carpet in your home instead. Carpeting can help keep your home warm in winter and comfortable all year long. And taking care of your carpet is an important aspect to make sure your carpeting stays clean and functional for years to come.

How Does Water Damage Happen?

Nothing can ruin the carpet faster than water damage. Whether it’s a slow plumbing leak that’s overlooked, or a full flood situation, wet carpet, if not resolved correctly and quickly, can lead to mouldy and ruined carpet that will need to be pulled up and possibly replaced.

There are many different ways that moisture can negatively impact your carpet. Some of the more common ones to look out for can include:

  • Wet Shoes – It’s important, especially during the winter months and wetter spring season, to watch what your boots and shoes bring onto your carpeting. Water and snow tracked into your home can sink into the fibres of your carpet and cause problems later. Using an effective, moisture-absorbing doormat can make a huge difference in keeping your carpets pristine.
  • Frozen Pipes – Nothing is more of a pain than when frigid winter weather causes pipes to freeze, and then burst, flooding your home and rooms. If you experience a lot of damage due to flooding like this, it’s best to contact a professional to help with flood remediation and cleanup. Your flooring may be able to be restored with expert help.
  • Roof problems – In the winter months, ice dams can be a big problem for homeowners. They can damage your roof, and ice dam damage can lead to roof leaks. These leaks are often intermittent, though, which means you may not notice them at first, leading to moisture impacting your carpet and causing mould growth. Make sure you try to keep your roof ice-free this winter, your carpets, and the rest of your home, will thank you.

Why Is Water Damage Bad?

It may seem like water and moisture can’t be all that damaging to your carpet: after all, it will dry soon enough. And the truth is, it’s not so much the water that’s the problem, but what it brings with it.

Any sort of water or moisture in carpeting can and will lead to mould growth and other microorganisms such as mildew. This can often happen in less than 48 hours once moisture has been introduced. Microorganisms thrive in damp, warm places, and with the heat turned up to fight the cold weather, a little bit of water in your carpet is a mould paradise. And because carpeting and the padding below is made up of softer and fibrous materials, when they do get wet, they tend to stay wet longer than other surfaces such as tile or wood.

Once mould and mildew set in, they can be a pain to remove. At the very least it will take a lot of elbow grease, and in the worst cases, the carpeting and padding may need to be completely replaced, though sometimes the carpeting can be saved. Mould is an environmental hazard and can impact the health and safety of yourself and friends and family, and mildew will create an odour that can’t be eliminated unless the mildew itself is removed. Sometimes, if the odour has been in your carpet long enough, even professional cleaning efforts may not be enough to completely remove it.

Preventing water damage to your carpet is the best way to keep your carpet looking good and functional. But when emergencies or accidents happen, it’s important to address the situation as soon as possible. The quicker you deal with the water, the better the chance that your carpeting will come out of the situation unscathed.

Why Use A Professional?

Some small emergencies can be dealt with by a homeowner, especially if you have fans that can help dry your carpeting as soon as possible, and have experience cleaning wet or mouldy carpet. But sometimes even small water problems on your carpet may benefit from professional cleaning service. If your water damage has resulted in stained carpeting, expert cleaners may be able to restore your carpet to the way it was before the damage.

Carpet Cleaning 360 services can include a variety of options such as:

  • Carpet Shampooing
  • Carpet dyeing
  • Bleach repair services
  • Persian and oriental rug repair

The severity of your damage will decide which methods may best suit your needs, and a professional can help you along the way.

Carpet Cleaning 360 Can Help With All Your Floor Cleaning Needs

For over 20 years, Carpet Cleaning 360 has been Ottawa residents’ carpet cleaning experts. With fast, prompt service, they’re the ones to call when facing a cleaning emergency for your carpets, tile, rugs, and wood floors. Their personalized care offers long-lasting solutions that are safe and environmentally friendly.

Call today to schedule your next appointment with Ottawa’s trusted carpet cleaning professionals, Carpet Cleaning 360!


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