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Carpet Cleaning 360

Carpet Cleaning 360 provides professional cleaning services to residents and businesses in the community of Ottawa, ON and its surrounding areas!

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning
As much as we try to keep our home carpets clean, they just won’t stay that way. Between children, pets, and overall wear and tear, carpets suffer inevitable cosmetic and structural damage while collecting harmful allergens that are detrimental to the air quality in your home. And yet, there is good news!

At Carpet Cleaning 360, our mission is to take care of your carpets in the most cost-efficient and all-natural way so you don’t have to worry about replacing your beautiful carpets any time soon.

We Are Careful with Your Carpet

Sometimes applying questionable chemicals or investing in commercial shampooing equipment can break your carpet and your bank. These products need to be handled with care by a professional or you’ll risk making matters worse!

There are several indications that it’s time to call in the big guys:

  • Unpleasant Odour: If your carpet has an ever-present, unpleasant smell that just doesn’t seem to go away with perfumed fragrances or other chemicals.
  • Pet Hair: If vacuuming can’t completely rid your carpet of deeply embedded pet hair, and your allergies are getting worse.
  • Stubborn Solids: If certain solids have fallen into the fibres of your carpet that are virtually impossible to remove, such as melted candle wax or sand.
  • Persistent Stains: If you have several stains or discoloration caused by bleach that are making your home look ugly.
  • Water Damage: If flooding has occurred that doesn’t seem to ever completely dry, it could be affecting the floorboards underneath.
  • Mould or Mildew: It would be found under the carpet. A carpeting expert can check this for you to prevent ripping or breaking your carpet.

Our team of professional technicians know how to hurdle any carpet problem, tailoring our cleaning methods to your specific issue. We know that all problems are not created equally. A wine stain is not the same as bleach discolouration, nor is a coffee stain the same as pet damage. We approach all your carpet necessities with expertise and will leave you satisfied with our work, guaranteed.

A Deeper Clean, A Better Price

Most DIYers tend to rent a steamer and try to tackle the problem on their own. Not only does it take time to learn how to use the machinery, sometimes the equipment itself hasn’t been cleaned properly and can worsen your carpet situation. Don’t risk damaging your carpet, leave that to the pros. That’s us.

Rented equipment uses soaking hot steam to sterilize and clean, but this can cause damage to your carpet and flooring. Our carpet cleaning team uses our own unique, patented process to leave you with the deepest clean money can buy.

Low Moisture Technology, aka low moisture encapsulation technology, does not use hot steam and does not compromise on effectiveness. This is a state-of-the-art process that is invariably safe on your carpet and does an even better job at cleaning than your standard cleaner. Say goodbye to dirt and dust, and hello to a thoroughly fresh, good-as-new carpet.

It gets better! Our cleaning products are all-natural, green, and environmentally friendly, so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment with harsh chemicals.

An Attractive and Healthy Carpet is Possible!

There is nothing sweeter than watching our kids play around with their pets, and ensuring that they’re safe and protected. Our mission is to keep your carpets free from allergens, pollutants, and contaminants that are damaging to our health — especially to our little ones. We also want to make sure your carpet looks as fresh as it was when you first bought it!

Some companies will overcharge and underwhelm. Our promise is to keep your satisfaction high and keep your home looking its best for a long as possible. Don’t fret any longer about an ugly, dingy carpet. We’re here to help! At Carpet Cleaning 360, we have dedicated 20 years of top quality service for those who need it.

Is your carpet in need of a little TLC? Don’t hesitate, give us a call and we’ll give you a free estimate today!


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